NDT Automation

NDT AutomationNDT Automation is focused on our customers and our customer’s needs. We design and produce, IN-HOUSE all of the critical components for a successful solution to your NDT Inspection problems. By designing, developing and producing critical system components from ultrasonic and motion control PC boards, data acquisition and analysis software, and key mechanical and electronic components of our scanning systems, NDT Automation is uniquely capable of providing COST-EFFECTIVE solutions to a wide range of ultrasonic testing needs.

We offer OEM component-level solutions (boards and software) to other NDT and UT systems integrators, while our own products blend the necessary engineering, design and in-house production capabilities which results in a product line from small, hand-held data acquisition devices through large, complex fully automated (robotic) NDT Inspection work cells.

NDT Automation complements its UT family of solutions with eddy current and resistivity-based products, bringing you a single vendor total solution for many of your NDT inspection needs.

Our systems design encompasses a modular to our products thus enabling us to quickly extend standard and other custom designs to address unique or difficult application requirements for our customers. In addition to our standard product lines, we have provided an array of innovative custom automation solutions and UT inspection products in response to diverse testing problems.

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