i-SPEED 7 Κάμερα Υψηλής Ταχύτητας

It’s a level of performance that captures more than movement. It captures the imagination. From the innovators of Olympus high-speed camera technology comes our bullet-stopping i-SPEED 7 Series, groundbreaking in its recording capacity 400 times faster than standard 1080p HD rates. Discover a powerful, high-end line of cameras packed with value and suited for a wide range of applications. There’s only one way to capture the fastest events in the world. That’s with the highest resolution, fastest camera ever built.


 i-SPEED 716


Speed/Resolution: 5,050 fps @ 2048x1536
1080p Resolution: 7,540 fps
Max Frame Rate:500,000 fps
Memory:36 / 72 / 96 / 144GB
ISO:Mono 5,000/40,000
 Color 1,800/14,400


i-SPEED 720


Speed/Resolution: 6,350 fps @ 2048x1536
1080p Resolution: 9,280 fps
Max Frame Rate:750,000 fps
Memory:72 / 96 / 144GB
ISO:Mono 5,000/40,000
 Color 1,800/14,400


i-SPEED 726


Speed/Resolution: 8,250 fps @ 2048x1536
1080p Resolution: 12,060 fps
Max Frame Rate:1 million fps
Memory:96 / 144GB
ISO:Mono 5,000/40,000
 Color 1,800/14,400



Sensor type:Custom CMOS
Sensor resolution:2048x1536 pixel
Sensor size:27.972mm x 20.736mm
Sensor diagonal:34.82mm
Pixel size:13.5 μm
Bit depth:12bit, 10 bit, 8 bit
ISO:Mono 5000/40000 
Color 1800/14400
Maximum Frame Rate:1,000,000 fps
Shutter type:Global Exposure
Shutter time, standard:1μs minimum
Shutter time, fast mode:250ns
WDR:Wide Dynamic Range


Dimensions inches:14.3” (W) x 6.2” (H) x 6.2”(L)
Dimensions mm:363 (W) x 157 (H) x 154 (W)
Weight:18.7lb (8.5kg) with battery
Input Voltage:12-36V
Power Consumption:150w Nominal, 200w Max
Mounting:1/4x20 and 3/8x16 tripod plate
Battery:2x 14.4v 90Wh
Battery life:1 hour
Lens mount:Custom lens plate
CISPR22 (BS EN55022),
CISPR24(BS EN55024)
Safety:BS EN61010-1
CE Marking:
EMC Directive (Camera), LV Directive, EMC Directive (PSU)
Lead Free:RoHS Directive
IP Rating:IP 20
32°F to 104°F operation,
-4°F to 140°F storage
0°C to 40°C operation,
-20°C to 160°C storage
Pressure:71 kpa to 106 kpa
Instrumentation package:
Rugged package:
30G @ 11ms IEC 68-2-27 Ea,
30G @ 2ms IEC 68-2-29 Eb
Power input connector:6pin Lemo
Trigger input:BNC 75ohm
Feature input:18pin Lemo, Trigger in / Sync in / Sync out / Exposure out / Remote power


Trigger:TTL T0 to 0-100%
Trigger modes:Circular, ROC, BROC
Sync:24Hz – 500kHz
Luminance histogram:Iris setting aid tool
iCHEQ 360:Camera status LEDs
iFocus:Focusing aid tool
iExposure:High/low exposure highlight
Control:PC or CDU
IRIG Input:IRIG – B to sub 2μs
IRIG Sync:Camera sync to IRIG
Internal Memory:36GB, 72GB, 96GB, 144GB


Video outputs:2x HD-SDI, HDMI
Network:1GB RJ45
CDU:BNC 75ohm
Image sequenceTIFF, BMP, JPG, RAW
Ethernet control1GB
Remote controlVia supplied software


Standard Control:Control ONE
Premium Control:Control MULTI-DAQ
Editing:i-SPEED Movie Maker
Analysis:ProAnalyst® Lite by Xcitex
Viewer:i-SPEED Viewer
Utilities:i-SPEED Lens Calculator, i-SPEED Viewer
Software Developers Kit:C++, LabView
Synchronized data acquisition:USB DAQ, 8 options


Sensor:Color / Mono
Memory:*36GB / 72GB / 96GB / 144GB
Shutter time:1000ns (std) / 250ns (upon request)
Internal SSD:500 GB / 1TB
External SSD:250 GB / 500 GB
Lens mounts:
F mount (Nikkor D) / F mount (Nikkor G) C mount / EF mount
Package Type:Instrumentation / Package
Warranty:1 yr (std) /2 yr / 3 yr
*Options vary based on model




The i-SPEED 7 comes with a variety of lens mount options to suit your specific application. A choice of F, F-G, EF, and C mount lenses provide the versatility between zoom and magnification without compromising image quality. Extension tubes are also available and can offer increased magnification.


iX Cameras can offer a large selection of lighting equipment to suit the majority of applications, from 1000W focused beam lighting for large machinery applications, to light sources for small detailed requirements such as enclosed areas and inside machinery.

Data Acquisition (DAQ)

iX Cameras has two advanced DAQ modules for the i-SPEED camera line. With these optional modules, you can collect data from sensors or gauges synchronously with your high-speed video to determine the relationship between your data and motion. The modules seamlessly integrate into the powerful i-SPEED Software Suite for ease of use


i-SPEED cameras are packaged in a durable, shippable hard case, with the option of an additional soft case. The foam inserts will securely accommodate the standard camera set including all cables and software, with accessory lenses and the CDU. Soft and hard cases are also available for the full range of lighting equipment.



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