HSMT Flex Scanner

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The HSMT-Flex™ is intended for one axis encoded inspection of circumference welds on pipes of 4.5 in. OD (114.3 mm) and greater. The scanner comes equipped with four probe holders but can be mounted with a total of eight probes with optional probe holders. Mounted probes can be either phased array or conventional UT for most efficient inspections.

The major characteristic of the scanner is its capacity to bend in the center. This allows the scanner to fit on smaller pipes and also to bring the force of the spring-loaded arm in the radial direction of the pipes for better stability of the wedge, and therefore, optimum data acquisition. For the same reason, optional probe holders that are installed on the outside of the scanner can also pivot.

The HSMT-Flex also allows one of its side frames to slide. This feature allows having the probes mounted on the outside of the scanner. This provides a configuration that is well-suited for hard-to-reach places such as pipe-to-component welds.

Standard Inclusions

  • Scanner frame with handles, and: 
    • Two 340 mm (13.5 in.) frame bars
    • Two 500 mm (20 in.) frame bars
  • OmniScan-compatible waterproof spring-loaded wheel encoder with 5 m cable
  • Four 90º probe holder brackets
  • 4 spring-loaded arms (SLA)
  • 4 TOFD-P/E 31.75 mm yokes
  • 2 PA 40 mm × 55 mm yokes
  • Irrigation tubing and accessories

Note: Umbilical cable, probes, and wedges are not included with the scanner.


Length in Scan Axis 
  • Folding frame to optimize probe contact on pipes
  • 4 plastic-covered magnetic wheels hold the unit against a ferromagnetic inspection surface.
  • Compact and versatile. The provided frame bars allow size customization.
  • Can support up to 4 conventional UT or phased array probes on pipes
  • Can support up to 8 conventional UT or phased array probes on pipes bigger than 12 in. OD using optional standard probe holder kit or
  • on pipes from 4.5 in. to 12 in. OD using optional pivoting probe holder kit
  • Light aluminum frame
  • Independently positioned and spring-loaded probe holders
  • Waterproof spring-loaded encoder with 12 steps/mm resolution
  • Removable handles for lower profile
  • Eyelet for umbilical attachment
  • Integrated water manifold simplifies couplant distribution
  • Metric/US Customary unit rulers on the scanner frame for easy probe separation measurement


  • Umbilical
  • Remote Pulser/Preamplifier
  • Couplant-Feed Units
  • Laser Guide Kit 
    Battery-operated laser-guiding device for easier weld tracking.
  • Yokes
  • TomoScan FOCUS LT Encoder Cable Adaptor
  • Replacement encoder
  • Probe holder Kits 
    Set of two spring-loaded arms (SLA) mounted on 90º brackets, to allow more than four probes. 
    • Standard-For pipes larger than 12 in. OD.
    • Pivoting-For pipes smaller than 12 in. OD.
  • Spare Parts Kits 
    • For PV-100 applications
    • For PV-200 applications
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