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The Mini-Wheel™ encoder is used for the positioning and dimensioning of defects in the scan axis. It can synchronize data acquisition with probe movement.

The Mini-Wheel encoder is waterproof and compatible with the HST-X04 scanner, as well as Olympus standard PA wedges on which it can be mounted using the included bracket kit. This miniature encoder is entirely made of stainless steel and features sealed bearings for long lasting smooth operation. The custom electronic circuit has been designed to prevent noise induction in UT signals.





  • Circumferential scans performed with two TOFD probes on pipes 4.5 in. (114.3 mm) OD, or greater.
  • Four magnetic wheels firmly attach the unit to ferromagnetic inspection surfaces.
  • Light aluminum frame.
  • Independently positioned and spring-loaded probe holders.
  • Waterproof, spring-loaded encoder with 9 step/mm resolution.
  • Removable handle for lower profile.
  • Attachment devices for umbilical cables.
  • The frame design enables probes to be positioned outside the wheels (2 additional magnetic wheels are required).
  • Engraved references on the scanner and pointer on the probe holders ensure easy probe separation measurement.


Mini-Wheel Encoder

A = 27 mm (1.06 in.)D = 24.2 mm (0.95 in.)
B = 28.7 mm (1.12 in.)E = 17.5 mm (0.69 in.)
C = 22.5 mm (0.89 in.)F = 6 mm (0.23 in.) 

Standard Inclusions

  • Scanner frame with handle.
  • Four magnetic wheels.
  • OmniScan-compatible, waterproof, spring-loaded wheel encoder with 5 m cable.
  • Two spring-loaded arms (SLA) with TOFD-P/E yokes 
    (31.75 mm wide with 5 mm diameter buttons).
  • Irrigation tubing and accessories.
  • Cable conduit.
  • Carrying case.



Magnetic Wheel
For maximum adherence of the wheel on ferromagnetic surfaces, a magnetic wheel is available.

Mounting Bracket Kit
Extra mounting bracket kit to mount MiniWheel encoder on wedge.

Indexer Clicker
Clicker to send the indexing signal needed for 2-axis inspections with only one encoder. The kit also includes a 3-to-1 splitter cable (with DE-15 connectors) enabling connection of the encoder, the Clicker, and a digital input source (DIN) to the OmniScan

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